Investment market Uganda

Investment Market Uganda

The conversation about Africa has drastically switched and shifted from gaps and deficits, to opportunities, prospects and investment options.

For the past few years, Africa has been making a noticeable change in the global market, and has proved its mettle with the exceptional growth and development it has offered. Most importantly, some of the countries in the East African region have greatly thrived over the years – especially Uganda.


Uganda is a small country which lies within the heart of Africa, and offers exceptional forestry and natural scenic beauty. With a number of different picturesque landmarks to show for, Uganda is distinctively located within the East African Region, alongside the equator.


There are a number of different reasons to why Uganda is one of the best countries of Africa – with a high investment potential. Here are some of the reasons why investment in Uganda can be a gold mine for you!


Uganda is bordered by Kenya in the east, South Sudan in the north, United Republic of Tanzania in the south, Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and Rwanda in the southwest. With such a land linked position, Uganda has a strong and commanding base for investment and trade.


Effective Macro-Economic Policies:

The effective macro-economic policies of Uganda not only provided the company with immense support during the economic bubble burst from 2008 to 2011, but also maintained an economic growth of an average of 6.5%. Moreover, in conditions when economical instability was inevitable, Uganda’s economic growth still grew by 3%.



One of the most unique features of this land is a multi climate, which varies from temperate highlands in the Western Uganda, to winter the snow capped Mountain Rwenzori lying in Uganda’s west. Moreover, the semi arid North Eastern Uganda and the tropical vegetation of the Central Uganda add to the beauty of this country.

Growing Status:


Uganda has a total population of about 35 million people, with an exceptionally fast growing rate of the middle class people. These people have a reasonable expendable income, and are contributing immensely to the corporate sector.


Moreover, since Uganda has attained its political and social stability back in 1986, it has grown steadily and became a hub for many leading firms in the world.
Easy Licensing:


After the incorporation of a business or a company is Uganda, it is eligible to apply for an investment license. Although the capital of investment needs to exceed $100,000 US for foreign firms and $50,000 US for local firms – but the rest of the procedure, including the documentation takes less than a few weeks to complete and jump-start your business tenure.

The Bottom Line:


Uganda has grown tremendously over the past few years, and it has provided most of its inhabitants with opportunities beyond imagination. Moreover, businesses have thrived after investment in this developing country, and the future looks bright for this East African piece of paradise.


Hence, if you’re a business driven individual or even a multinational firm, investing in Uganda can help your business grow and prosper!