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    Records creation, Design of records system, Retention schedule, Vital records protection, Indexing services, Filing system, Disposition, Stock control, Binding services, Supplies of information materials ie; Newspapers, magazines, supply of school Textbooks, Library design and setting, Training and consultancy services

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    Jiddah Islamic Schools

    The school started humbly in 2014 with only 25 pupils from the neighboring communities of people, two curricular secular and theology were adopted up to date. Despite the humble beginning with only 25 pupils, the enrollment has been growing fastly at a rate

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    JAISEC SKILLING CONSULTANTS is training organization that offer practical hands on training to the youth in motor vehicle mechanics, building construction, welding, carpentry, tailoring and hair dressing we partner with workshops and garages to train them how to do the job, our trainees will have to sit for a national DIT examination to acquire professional recognized certificate

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    KTNK Solutions Limited(KT&K Associates)

    KTNK Solutions Limited (KT&K Associates)   We provide Consulting Service in fields of Financial Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Environmental management Assessment, Human Resource Management, Project Management Services, Trade Services, Business Strategy Development, and Information Technology, and micro-finance.

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    Clarke Junior School

    Clarke Junior School is a Ugandan curriculum school with a difference. It develops life long learners thought our teaching philosophy – keep on inquiring, keep on discovering, keep on learning. We deliver the Ugandan curriculum by using effective global teaching and learning techniques. Our lake side campus is purpose built to aid learning, in a beautiful setting with views of lake Victoria. Our head teacher Ms Katherine Tucker has extensive global education experience as a consultant and a teacher.

  • The Ogburn Online School

    The Ogburn Online School, a regionally, nationally, and internationally accredited private online home school offers one of the most flexible options for students in grades 3-12. At self-paced, online program, we believe that each child has different needs. The program is designed for you, as a parent, to determine how much time your child needs to spend on each subject. Whether your child needs to catch up, requires some extra time, or is capable of working ahead, we let you Read more [...]

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    JHM Education Placement

    JHM Consultancy is the East African leader in international student placement services with staff experience of over 9 years. Our network of counselors help students from 5 countries (Uganda.South Sudan, North Sudan, Congo, Burundi and Central African Republic) to study in Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Mauritius, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and the UK. One student is placed in an educational institution every 20 hours across our connections. JHM Consultancy is a member of JHM Group of Companies, based in Read more [...]

  • ugandanschools

    This is a directory of school, district office and administrator information for Ugandan Schools. This directory has search features and a list feature which allows users to search for information about schools. You will find information and contact of various schools in uganda. Our UgandanSchools Database was first published on the web in 2016 under the UgandanSchools banner.

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    Kampala Virtual Education Institute (KAVEDIN)

    Kampala Virtual Education & Research Institute is registered company (219423) in Uganda. KAVEDIN is involved in E-learning systems setup, Course content purchase or development support, management & maintenance of elearning systems, Research, Training and Advisory. Kavedin designs E-learning systems used to train employees at work, conduct interviews, surveys etc. We implement on internet (Online) or Intranet-LAN (Offline) depending on the choice of the client. We also run and manage a platform that hosts short courses from academic institutions, companies, Read more [...]

Showing Schools 1-10 of 18