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  • The Ogburn Online School

    The Ogburn Online School, a regionally, nationally, and internationally accredited private online home school offers one of the most flexible options for students in grades 3-12. At self-paced, online program, we believe that each child has different needs. The program is designed for you, as a parent, to determine how much time your child needs to spend on each subject. Whether your child needs to catch up, requires some extra time, or is capable of working ahead, we let you read more

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    JHM Education Placement

    JHM Consultancy is the East African leader in international student placement services with staff experience of over 9 years. Our network of counselors help students from 5 countries (Uganda.South Sudan, North Sudan, Congo, Burundi and Central African Republic) to study in Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Mauritius, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and the UK. One student is placed in an educational institution every 20 hours across our connections. JHM Consultancy is a member of JHM Group of Companies, based in read more

  • ugandanschools

    This is a directory of school, district office and administrator information for Ugandan Schools. This directory has search features and a list feature which allows users to search for information about schools. You will find information and contact of various schools in uganda. Our UgandanSchools Database was first published on the web in 2016 under the UgandanSchools banner.

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    Kampala Virtual Education Institute (KAVEDIN)

    Kampala Virtual Education & Research Institute is registered company (219423) in Uganda. KAVEDIN is involved in E-learning systems setup, Course content purchase or development support, management & maintenance of elearning systems, Research, Training and Advisory. Kavedin designs E-learning systems used to train employees at work, conduct interviews, surveys etc. We implement on internet (Online) or Intranet-LAN (Offline) depending on the choice of the client. We also run and manage a platform that hosts short courses from academic institutions, companies, read more

  • Forest Trail Academy

    Forest Trail Academy is an accredited online learning platform for Elementary, Middle and High school students. We offer E- learning solution across worldwide. You can have the benefits of our interactive and flexible environment to complete your schooling online. We provide an economically viable solution for K-12 students.

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    Acacia International School

    We are an independent Christian international school located in Muyenga, Kampala. Our goal is to provide an academically excellent and balanced education in an environment that reflects the love, joy and peace of Christ. We have two campuses, the Junior School for Early Years to grade four and the Senior School for grades five to nine in 2015-2016. Our top class will continue to grow with us until their graduation in June 2019. At the primary level we follow a read more

  • Intensive High School

    Intensive High School is listed as part of our comprehensive listings of colleges, university, primary, junior and senior secondary schools in Uganda

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    Private English Teacher.

      Private English teacher from the UK has taught in Uganda for 9 years helping students achieve TOEFL/IELTS qualifications for entrance into universities in the USA and UK. Preparation for PSAT/SAT and GCSE exams is also taught to help students achieve success.  Student-age ranges from children through to mature students and has taught in Embassies and well-known organizations within Kampala. Please contact:                 Mrs. R. Bennett

Showing Schools 1-10 of 12