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    Records creation, Design of records system, Retention schedule, Vital records protection, Indexing services, Filing system, Disposition, Stock control, Binding services, Supplies of information materials ie; Newspapers, magazines, supply of school Textbooks, Library design and setting, Training and consultancy services

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    It makes no difference what the issue is: whether it’s sickness, bankruptcy, economic recession, martial problems etc.; God’s Word contained in our products is the solution you need. Once you get any of our products in line with that situation, you have the answer. Key-in to a life of beauty, glory, rest,success,health, and prosperity by living in the Word package in our products for kids, teens and adults.

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    Founded in 1991, Aristoc Booklex Ltd was born in the wake of a book culture that had been torn down by war and poverty. Aristoc opened its first book store at the corner of Colville Street on Diamond Trust building selling only educational and curriculum texts as these were the only books being sold in Uganda at the time. It has since evolved from a small corner shop to a multi -branch enterprise with two stores; one right at the Read more [...]